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Tom Renney Has Got a Mean Case of Commitmentphobia

posted Feb 5, 2009, 10:53 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 11:36 AM ]
Well it appears that the Tom Renney either needs a re-up (Yes, I just used that term) on his Adderall and Ritalin or he simply suffers from a severe case of commitmentphobia. Last year, Renney changed the lines more or less every few games to find the right players to compliment Jagr. This year, with Jagr at Omsk, Siberia, Antarctica or where ever the fuck he is playing, Renney should have had more freedom from trying to find the right balance for the team without wasting too much energy maximizing the talent of the star veteran.
Unfortunately, Renney has changed the lines that much more with this new bunch of rising stars, role players and fringe players. He's found a new flashy eastern bloc star in Nikolai Zherdev, whom Renney is trying to find the ideal line match, reminiscent of his trouble with Jagr. He's juggling healthy scratches for the sometimes frustrating Voros, the untapped potential (I hope) in Prucha and the promising Kid Korpikoski. With the trade of Fritche for Reitz, and injury to Kalinin, Renney was sort of handcuffed into calling up the hot shot prospect Artem Anisimov, whom many people have been itching to see in the NHL during this otherworldly season  in the AHL (21 G, 30 A, 49 GP). Renney even shifted the rosy cheeked Dubinksy to the wing to make room for Anisimov at center. Now after giving Anisimov 9 minutes of playing time in an team wide uninspired game against the lowly Thrashers, Renney sent the kid back to Hartford. Does Renney pull this shit in every day life? Does he order a dinner at a restaurant, only to change his choice several times, eat what's given to him for 5 minutes and send it back? I know it's not just Renney here making the decisions concerning the AHL, but management and Renney could at least show a small bit of commitment for a few games before going back to the drawing board. They'll need to settle on lines for the stretch run because experimentation won't get them very far in the playoffs.
Do I see them making the playoffs? I do, but that's mostly because of the injury to Brodeur, which slowed the Devils down for only a short while (Where the hell did you come from Scott Clemmenson?), and the underachieving Penguins. I could also throw in the putridity in the Rangers schedule so far, which is rapidly coming to an end. I especially see this team running into a lot of trouble given their severe allergies to scoring power play goals and, lately, scoring goals in general. Yeah, they'll make it into the playoffs, even with the aforementioned shortcomings, but will they get far? I don't have confidence in them getting past the 2nd round at this rate. That's why Renney needs to just settle down on his lines. I don't care if he needs to start drinking heavily to overcome his fear of commitment, he just needs to stop changing shit around every 3.4 seconds. Okay, that's enough venting for the day. Well at least until tomorrow night when Renney changes his jacket 5 times each period and has Naslund in goal. Fuck.