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Rangers Gives Berth to a Playoff Spot

posted Apr 10, 2009, 12:56 PM by Steven Seagal
The Rangers needed the past two games badly. During the season, whenever a supposed must win game arose, the Rangers either showed up flat or with enough gusto to put two goals in the net. Unfortunately when they were putting two goals in the net, they were giving up three or four. The next two games for the Rangers were ones where they had to be very un-Ranger-like and outplay their opponents for 60 full minutes.
On Tuesday, The Rangers shook off a precarious 1st period to absolutely dominate the Habs 3-1. Drury, who was brilliant defensively as well as offensively, put in two goals, one which seemed to defy even his own ability and the other off a deflection from Markus Naslund (Mark Nasty? No? okay). The other goal was a diving chip in of a loose puck by Nik Antropov which made almost everyone watching scream "holy fucking shit!". The guy is huge so seeing him just take a swan dive on the ice was a sight to behold. Lunqvist, as I must continually state by court order, is the best player on the team, once again proved his mettle allowing just one goal on 25 shots. I was excited for this win but I couldn't be too excited. The Habs were injured on defense and goalie Carey Price never really found his groove between the pipes following a scorching case of herpes. No wait sorry, I mean the flu. I'm the only with the herpes.
Last night, The Rangers could clinch a playoff berth with a win over the Flyers and they did so, big time. The aforementioned best player on the team and recently voted team MVP, Henrik Lunqvist had 37 saves, giving up one goal and giving me a uncomfortable boner. In the 1st period, Callahan and Naslund put in goals of their own both assisted by Chris Drury but failed to add any more. The good news is that the Rangers put up an excellent defensive front, stifling the almost 40 shots sprayed at Lunqvist. The bad news is that I've had an erection for longer than 4 hours.
Now this was a win to get excited over. The Rangers were in the position where they could put themselves in the playoffs and they did so with total control. Unfortunately, with either a 7th or 8th seed already locked up, the Rangers will have to face either the Capitals at the 7th seed or the Bruins at the 8th seed. Haha, seed. In my opinion, I'd rather face a one dimensional Capitals team over the behemoth Bruins. Washington is finishing out the season against the worst teams and maybe the Rangers could carry this momentum into the playoffs and upset the Caps. Also, it would be fun to watch Marc Staal shadow and dismantle the offensive capabilities of Alexander Ovechkin.
We'll just have to wait and see. The Rangers close out the season in whitetrashadelphia on Sunday at 5pm. Even though they already clinched a playoff spot, I'll still watch the game and I advise you to do the same.