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Philadelphia Flyers @ NY Rangers Preview

posted Mar 15, 2009, 8:02 AM by Steven Seagal

Yup, those bruises are real. But let's be honest here, if I didn't beat this girl, she was probably going to catch a beating from her meth addict boyfriend or her child molesting step father. Or you know, by Colton Orr who just yesterday fulfilled the Ramon Hernandez Put Down the Gun question of whether or not he would pummel Riley Cotes. He did. He did indeed. Unfortunately, the Colton Orr victory didn't stretch into a Rangers victory as Martin Biron blocked something like 684 shots. I would say this is a must win game but really, at this point every game is a must win game. Okay, nevermind, I'll say it. This is a must win game.

Her armpits look funny.