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NY Rangers @ Philadelphia Flyers Preview

posted Mar 14, 2009, 6:48 AM by Steven Seagal

I can just imagine the conversation between Sean Avery and these white trash incestuous Philadelphia retards.
In my mind, here is how it all went down....

Sean Avery: Hey guys, are you dicknoses all related?
Inbred Flyers Fans: Yeah, we're all brothers, and not in the way them spooks say it. We all have the same mother.
Sean Avery: Cool. Last night I fucked your sisters.
Inbred Flyers Fans: Whoa! We fucked our sisters too!
Sean Avery: Far out. Thanks for the thumbs up 2nd inbred Flyers fan from the right!

Well, this season is rapidly approaching it's conclusion. The Rangers have a tough schedule ahead of them as they face-off against teams all clawing and scraping for a playoff spot. Of the teams the Rangers must face, only the Devils and Bruins have clinched a playoff spot. That leaves match ups with Carolina, Philadelphia (4 times!), Montreal (twice), Buffalo, and Shitsburgh all with heavy playoff implications.
Will Tortellini keep the players in line or will he have to make examples out of players a la the Niko Zherdev's benching? Will Colton Orr beat the bejesus out of Riley Cotes again? Will Brandon Dubinsky wake up from his 3 month slumber? Will Dr. Foxyrotten ever figure out if those sores are a result of sleeping with that tranny hooker? The game starts at 1pm. Hopefully, we'll get some answers.

P.S. Dr. Foxyrotten SWEARS that he/she wasn't a hooker and that she/he wasn't a tranny.