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NY Rangers @ Nashville Predators Preview

posted Mar 12, 2009, 9:43 AM by Steven Seagal

Yes, of course. You're absolutely right. This kid is DEFINITELY going to have a lot of issues when he's older. He'll probably start a website where he makes up crazy stories that don't make any sense, joke around about rape, murder, incest, and cannibalism, and sooner rather than later, make a million dollars. Wait a minute, that's me! Nevermind that. Just know that this kid will grow up to handcuff Russian prostitutes to his furnace while he paints portraits of Liza Minelli with his feces, all because he was Predators facepainter superfan number 1.
So about that game huh? The Rangers are fighting for a playoff spot which says about as much about the team as it does about the NHL where something like 26 out of the 30 teams make the playoffs . I'm not being totally fair here though since the playoff race is tighter than A-Rod's sphincter in the Dominican team's lockerroom. Regardless, the Rangers need to be on top of their game for the remainder of the season. Speaking of being on top of their game, Lunqvist could make history tonight by becoming the first goalie in the universe to rack up 30 wins or more in each of his first four seasons. That's right. He'll be the first in the universe.