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Minnesota Wild @ NY Rangers Preview

posted Mar 24, 2009, 9:17 AM by Steven Seagal
Actually, No, that's not awesome. That's actually pretty stupid. Also nice beard, fuck head. I couldn't figure out what that was on his hand for a few seconds and it led me to question what exactly is a "Wild". According to Wikipedia, the logo on the jersey depicts an animal that is has been debated to be either a wild cat or a bear. The mascot, Nordy, as described on the website, "looks a little like a bear and a little like a fox, but the team won't say exactly what kind of animal he is. They call him a hybrid of several wild woodland creatures found in MN". After extensive research I can say without a doubt that in conclusion, Minnesota sucks dick.
Now, about that game... Under normal circumstances, it takes a lot of energy and/or drugs & alcohol to get excited for a Rangers-Wild game. Sure the Might Ducks were from Minnesota and that should be reason enough, but when the Rangers play the Wild once every two years or so, it's easy to just not give a fuck. Fortunately, the Rangers and the Wild are both fighting for playoff spots. The Rangers currently reside as the 7th seed in the East while the Wild are on the outside looking into a playoff spot ranked at 10th in the tight-as-a-motherfucker West.
Michael Rozsival is out 7-10 days with a mysterious "lower body injury". That could be a case of syphilis or a broken toe, I don't know.  In his place, rookie Michael Sauer will be making his NHL debut. I bet the Rangers demolish the Wild tonight and beard-o up above cries himself to sleep on his bear-wolf-cat-fox pillow. Now THAT would be awesome.