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Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk Don't Do Their Homework

posted Mar 8, 2009, 11:03 AM by Steven Seagal
Anybody who has watched more than 2 NY Ranger games this season would know that Henrik Lundqvist has a penchant for blocking high shots with his head.  He does this often.  The 2 game postulate is arbitrary, but it just seems like he does it so often that if you watched 2 games, you would've seen him do it at least once.  NHL on NBC commentators Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk saw Henrik do this against the Bruins on Sunday and were quite surprised.  If this game was on MSG, you would've heard something along the lines of "Henrik takes it off the helmet again.  He really likes to do that with the high shot."  Instead, Olczyk and Emrick were very surprised.

These guys have to call 1 game per week.  The least you would think they would do is review some tendencies and quirks of the players - especially a high profile player like Lundqvist.  We're not talking about a guy on the 4th line who sees limited ice time, here.  We're talking about the starting goaltender.  I don't mean to pick on the NBC guys here, either - I've heard this on Versus as well (who's coverage may be the worst ever.)  They were literally shocked, and I've seen him do it twice on a Versus broadcast, which the commentators just couldn't believe.  You would think at least someone associated with the broadcast would say "Hey, guys, he does that all the time.  Maybe you should mention that..."  But nope.

Maybe I sound like I'm nit picking here, but I just expect that if your job were to call hockey games, you would immerse yourself in the details of the players of a game for which you had a week to prepare.  Not that anybody watches the NHL on NBC (or the NHL, period.) but you just missed an opportunity to say something insightful that viewers who don't regularly watch the Rangers would not know.  And isn't it your job to provide the viewers with just that information?