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Just Throwin' It Out There...

posted Dec 19, 2008, 1:48 PM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 12:31 PM ]
The Rangers should sign Justin Tuck.  He'll probably play for free in between Giants games, so they'll just miss him on Sundays, and I'm sure he'll score 70 points or more playing for half a season.  I don't see why they haven't reached out to him yet.  Anyway, if he turns that down, lets move on to plan B:
The NY Rangers need to make a move to acquire a player or players who will score goals and bring passion to the team, all with very little cap space available.  Just a thought, but have they considered a Shanahan / Avery combo?  These guys loved each other in 2007, with Shanny probably helping to keep Avery in line a little bit.  Avery never seemed to be hated in the locker room the way he was in Dallas (really?  "sloppy seconds?"  My friend is a first grade teacher in NYC and hears worse every day - we just don't care about this shit), and that was probably due in no small part to the Shanahan connection.  Dallas is currently paying Avery NOT to play.  What's wrong with calling up the Stars and offering to pay a small portion of his salary for him to suit up as a Ranger?  He gets to play, the Rangers get some passion, and the Stars get some monetary relief for a player who doesn't play.  Move on to Shanahan: yes, he's old, but if you don't have a lot of cap space, why not sign a guy who has been a prolific goal scorer throughout his career and wants to play for your team?  He'll probably sign cheap.  And you'll probably want him to keep Avery at least somewhat in line.  Is it Mats Sundin?  No, but the Rangers would've had a tough time freeing up cap space for that one eyed fuck.  This is a low risk / medium reward combo that I think makes sense.