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Flyers' "Keep Rangers On Power Play" Gameplan Backfires Against Tortorella's Rangers

posted Mar 15, 2009, 11:56 AM by Steven Seagal
Flyers coach John Stevens developed a brilliant gameplan around the idea that the Flyers should attempt to keep the Rangers on the power play for as much of the game as possible.  The Rangers, ranked 28th on the power play coming into the game, gave every indication that the plan would succeed by coming up empty on virtually every power play.  The Flyers executed the plan quite competently, spending well over an entire period in the box throughout the game.  Astonishingly enough, however, the Blueshirts spoiled the plan by somehow managing to score 3 of their 4 goals in the game on the power play - all of which by players who were not even on the team in February - Avery scored two, and Antropov scored the other.

The power play success is obviously a product of Tortorella's new style of play.  Hopefully, the Rangers will continue to execute.  If they can, maybe this season isn't lost after all.