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Eric Lindros Retires from NHLPA Ombudsman Position after Sustaining Record 9th Concussion.

posted Feb 4, 2009, 8:21 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 11:37 AM ]
It appears that even after Eric Lindros finished his business in Ice Hockey, he still had some unfinished business in sustaining concussions. Yesterday Eric Lindros suffered a minor seizure, a common side effect of multiple concussions, which resulted in Lindros' head smashing into his desk at NHLPA offices. NHLPA senior spokesperson Jonathan Weatherdon confirmed that Lindros suffered a unprecedented, new world record 9th concussion. Lindros, who reporters wouldn't even bother reaching for comment, is believed to have reached the new concussion record after thinking about swimming pools or scotch tape. Jonathan Weatherdon, on behalf of Eric Lindros, stated that "This is a dream come true for Eric. Sure he can't count to 9 without having to take a nap but he's in the record book. That's all that matters to him. Well that, and I guess Tom and Jerry Cartoons".
Eric Lindros retired from professional hockey in November of 2007 after 16 seasons in the NHL playing for the Flyers, Rangers, Maple Leafs and Stars. After his retirement, he was given the newly created position of NHLPA ombudsman. According to Weatherdon, Lindros' office, the scene of the record breaking feat,  held "a ball pit, a race track, lots of pillows for his naps and a whole assortment of toys. None of the toys had smalls parts which could be a choking hazard for Eric. Actually, he didn't do anything at all in there. I guess he was just waiting for number 9 to come".
Reports are still preliminary, but there are rumors that Scott Stevens has been asked to induct Eric Lindros into the World Concussion Association Hall of Fame. When Stevens was reached at his home, his only comment was "I hope I am selected to induct him, because if I have the chance, I'll level that bitch again".
Lindros, shown above, after his 6th concussion, dished out by Scott Stevens. According to team trainer , Jim Wolf, shown next to the concussed star, Lindros was singing the ABCs to him, but not in any particular order.