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Donald Brashear Receives 5 Game Suspension For "Clean" Hit

posted Apr 27, 2009, 2:14 PM by Steven Seagal
I wasn't able to watch the Washington Capitals dismantle the NY Rangers 5-3 in game 6 on Sunday, because I had to move these microwave ovens and color TVs - but I did listen to a portion of it on the radio.  I'm not sure who calls hockey for ESPN Radio in NY, and I'm too lazy to go find out, but the call of Donald Brashear's hit on Blair Betts was enough to make you outraged as a Ranger fan.  Brashear laid out Betts on a late, blind side hit to the head and received no penalty whatsoever for his actions.  He was penalized moments later for roughing when Paul Mara, who was also issued a 2 minute minor, got in his face to defend Betts - who was sprawled on the ice.  The announcers were aghast that Brashear didn't receive a 5 minute major and a game misconduct penalty - let alone ANY penalty for the hit - and as they watched the replays, their disbelief grew.  This travesty of officiating became even more clear when it was revealed that Brashear pushed Colton Orr during pre-game warmups, and probably should've been suspended for the game.
The result?    The Capitals scored 2 power play goals after the Rangers lost one of their best penalty killers in Betts.  Like I said, I wasn't able to watch the game, and it sounds like the Blueshirts were thoroughly outplayed in this game, so that it isn't as though you can pin the loss on the hit - but the loss of Betts can't be overlooked as at least a partial cause.  Betts is out for at least game 7 as well with a fractured orbital bone, and possibly longer if the Rangers can manage to stop the bleeding without him.  As a scientist I know it takes a pretty vicious hit to fracture your eye socket.  Brashear is out for 6 games - 1 for his contact with Orr in pregame warmups and another 5 for the hit.  The only defense for this is that I'm not sure if the officials saw the hit as it took place, and you can't expect the officials to see everything.  I hope this explains it, because if they actually did see it and still failed to call the penalty, I would have to call for an investigation into any possible mob ties of referees Brad Meier and Bill McCreary.  The league obviously knows they fucked up huge, because a 5 game suspension in the playoffs is quite a penalty for a hit.  Too bad is doesn't help the Rangers too much, who really could've used a 5 minute power play in the game.  Plus, Colton Orr was out of the lineup in favor of Aaron Voros (why?) on Sunday, so we didn't even get to see Orr beat the fucking piss out of Brashear - and Brashear's suspension means now we won't in game 7, either.
In other news, Dubinsky was bitten on the arm by Shaone Marrisonn and had to receive a tetanus shot.  I don't know what Bruce Boudreau teaches his players about fighting, but they have to be the biggest pussies in hockey.