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Vince Young Commits Suicide At Steve McNair's Funeral

posted Jul 12, 2009, 8:37 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Jul 13, 2009, 7:30 AM ]

It was a sad day at Steve McNair's memorial service at the Reed Green Coliseum in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Throngs of family members, friends, fans and NFL players shuffled into the Southern Mississippi University campus to pay their respects to one of the most respected men to don an NFL uniform. Among the NFL players to attend were Brett Favre, Ray Lewis, Shawn Merriman, Jay Cutler and Vince Young. The day was sad but took a turn for the worse when Vince Young was given a chance to speak.

Young took the microphone and began to regale the crowd with stories of his former mentor, affectionately referring to him as "pops". When it finally came time to pass the microphone to Shawn Merriman to speak and, most likely, to perform the Lights Out dance, Young became very emotional, refusing to leave the stage area. What happened next only added to the senseless tragedy that unfolded on that fateful 4th of July.

"No amount of water bottles could have saved Vince" said Titan's head coach Jeff Fisher

Merriman, obviously in a rage fueled by steroids, tried to physically remove Young from the stage, prompting Young to produce a .22 Beretta from his jacket and put the pistol to his temple. Young fired one bullet and that's all that it took to end the benched quarterback's life. As memorial service attendees rushed the stage to aid an already perished Young, Merriman proceeded to perform the Lights Out dance, anyway. It was a fitting reminder that it's not just lights out for McNair, but also for Vince Young. "Life is precious, motherfuckers!" screamed Merriman into the microphone following his dance routine. The service concluded 2 hours later after Vince Young's body was removed from the stage.

Speculation about Young's mental stability surfaced last season when Young's despondent nature bordered on suicidal following a game in which he was benched in favor of Kerry Collins. Since then, many in the Titan's organization have questioned Vince Young's mental make up. Kerry Collins went on to lead the Titans to the playoffs, though, so Vince Young's suicidal behavior was largely ignored.

Current Titans's quarterback Kerry Collins was shocked when he heard of Vince Young's demise. The shock was only amplified by the fact that Collins was dangerously drunk at the time. "Looks like I'll have another, Skip", slurred Collins to the bartender after hearing of the news. Upon being cut off, Collins called the bartender a racial slur and left the bar, presumably to drink at another bar.

Unfortunately, Brett Favre was asked by reporters to comment on the tragedy that unfolded at the service. "He just fired away.  I've always thought of myself as a gunslinger, but he showed us all today who the real gunslinger was - he did exactly what everyone knew needed to be done, but wouldn't say.  It wasn't pretty, but he went out there and got the job done.  I mean, he was benched in favor of Kerry Collins." said Brett Favre after the memorial service concluded. Favre continued "I was planning on stealing the show by announcing my unretirement, but Vince just blew his brains out on the stage. I'll just have to wait until Vince Young's memorial service to make the formal announcement".