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Toxicology Report Concludes Steve McNair Still Dead of a Gunshot Wound But With Pot In System

posted Jul 21, 2009, 7:49 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Jul 21, 2009, 7:59 AM ]
On July 4th, Steve McNair was a victim of an murder-suicide plotted by the highly esoteric society consisting of the 3 most powerful "people" on the planet Earth, aptly named The Transcontinental Triage Archipelago. Their meetings are held in secret, the meetings' locations known only seconds before it's commencement, and at said meetings members discuss who in the world, be it a nation or a single individual, needs to be "alleviated" of their current behavior. Although the members and intentions of said esoteric, and possibly satanic, organization are unknown, it is not mere speculation, but hard driven fact that Steve McNair was "alleviated" for his transgressions.

Now that the reasoning for Steve McNair's demise has been thoroughly explained (You're Welcome), I must ask the question: Why in the heck was their a toxicology report done on McNair's corpse? The Tennessee Assistant Medical Examiner found that McNair was drunk at the time of his murder and had marijuana in his system. What does this matter? McNair was drunk at the time, with some THC coursing through his veins, but he never handled the gun. He could have been raping a koala bear with a stapler at the time but it still doesn't matter. McNair never handled the gun. His girlfriend, obviously brainwashed by the Transcontinental Triage Archipelago, shot him to smithereens.

Oh and McNair was asleep at the time so it's not like a fight broke out because he was drunk and high. Also, his brainwashed girlfriend couldn't go bonkers on him for being high and drunk because she admitted to the police of  being both high and drunk when arrested for a DWI with McNair. She probably encouraged him to drink and smoke pot!

So what was the point of a toxicology report on a man who was murdered in his sleep? I'm guessing the coroner looked at the bullet wounds, ahem, the FATAL bullet wounds and said to him/herself "Gee those are some big bullet holes, those look like brains to me! Maybe we should run this stiff over to toxicology to see if he died of a drug overdose!". Stupid fucking hicks.

The murder of Steve McNair was a fucking tragedy. It's sad because he was chosen to be "alleviated" by an en evil cult-like group and it's sad because it shouldn't have been him. We couldn't escape the fact that he was having an extramarital affair, that much is certain. We shouldn't drag his name through the mud by saying he was drunk and stoned. The murder and the alcohol/drug use aren't connected. To connect the two will pave the way for some public service announcement with a kid sipping some wine cooler, taking a hit of a joint and subsequently being murdered  by his girlfriend. Fuck, this wouldn't bother me if it was just Donovan McNabb who was murdered instead.