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Tony Romo Has Jessica Simpson Fitted For Cowboys Uniform

posted Dec 13, 2008, 10:50 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 12:35 PM ]
Tony Romo has asked Mike McCord, Equipment Manager for the Dallas Cowboys, to fit girlfriend Jessica Simpson for a full Tony Romo Cowboys uniform, a request McCord described as, "a little strange."  "We have players occasionally come in and ask for an authentic jersey for girlfriends or wives, but Romo was asking for everything - helmet, pads, cleats, pants, the whole 9 - pardon the pun," explained McCord.  Nonetheless, McCord agreed to outfit Simpson in accordance with Romo's request.  "I had him bring her in to get measured and fitted out for the uniform, which he agreed to but insisted be completed before Sunday night.  He brought her in on Friday night, and that's when things got weird."  When pressed to elaborate on what he meant, McCord replied, "the whole time we were getting her measurements, he kept quizzing her on various aspects of the Cowboys offense scheme and NY Giants defense."  According to McCord, it had been obvious that Simpson had acquired a rudimentary grasp of the Cowboys offense after intense recent tutelage.  As evidence of his claims, McCord cited the fact that, throughout the fitting, Romo showed Simpson pictures of various Giants defensive formations and asked her to identify where the blitz was coming from.  Often, her answers received the approval of Romo, but when she answered incorrectly, Romo would adopt a shrill tone of voice and yell "C'mon, Jess! We've been through this a thousand times!"  Occasionally following an incorrect response from Simpson, Romo would lapse into a trancelike state where he would rock back and forth and mutter under his breath "I'm not going out there.  I'm not going out there." while staring at a picture of Justin Tuck with Tuck's number, 91, crossed out and "666" hand written in it's place in an unsteady hand.  "As unwound as he was, I almost wonder [the Cowboys] are better trotting Jessica out there to set up behind center," mused McCord.  "Wait a minute...." he added.