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The NFL Should Abandon The Playoffs and Adopt BCS

posted Dec 23, 2008, 4:45 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 12:28 PM ]
We hear a lot about how unfair the BCS system is when an arguably superior team is snubbed in favor of a weaker opponent, but as the AFC playoff picture rounds into focus, it appears that an 11-5 team may miss the playoffs in favor of an 8-8 team.  Where is Mr. Obama's outrage?  Well, nobody would be outraged because the 11-5 team is the Patriots, and everybody hates them.  And I'm obviously (I hope) being facetious about adopting a BCS like system for the NFL, but my point is that there are flaws in every system and to focus only on those distorts the issue so that ridiculous words like "unconscionable" enter into the discussion of the snubbing of a college football team.  "Unconscionable" are genocides, terrorist attacks, and the city of Philadelphia.  Let's not bring the Longhorns into this.  Did you know that a congressman (Rep. Joe Barton, if you care) from Texas (of course)  is spearheading legislation that would OUTLAW the BCS?  I swear to Jacobs, I'm not making this up.  Of course, it doesn't stipulate what the BCS should be replaced with, except that the term "National Championship Game" is illegal if used to describe a game who's participants are determined by anything other than a playoff system.  What the playoff system looks like, however, is undefined.  The bill is being co-sponsored by another Texas congressman as well as one from Illinois.  Is this really all these guys have to worry about?  I'm not some idealist who thinks that they should be devoting all of their time to solving world hunger or furthering peace accords in foreign countries, but I'm sure there are more practical things these guys could be focusing on - like solving the "Philadelphia Problem."
A group of Philadelphia mutants admire what qualifies as fine art in that shithole of a city.