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The Creator Hates You.

posted Dec 23, 2008, 6:17 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 12:28 PM ]

We all know that the Creator of the Universe hates the Lions. His almighty is experiencing own personal Fight Club Jordan Catellano beat down. You know when Edward Norton just wails on the pretty boy too-blonde guy? Yeah that's the Lions this year. Except the Lions were never beautiful. the Creator just wants to wail on the weak. But with all the Lion slaughter going on, the state of the Rams has gone unnoticed. It appears that the Rams president of football operations, Jay Zygmunt, will step down in the wake of another terrible season. Team president John Shaw is expected to scale down his responsibilities as well. These guys know what they're doing. People say you should never quit what you started, but people are stupid. When the Creator of the Universe has a vendetta against you, you better run for the hills. Management thought it was Scott Linehan's fault so they fired him in late September. Right now Scott Linehan is thanking the Creator for that blessing. He got out early. For the team, it will all be too late. Because they keep trying, it appears that the Creator has enlisted the officiating crews to do his work. I can just picture the Rams team getting excited having the lead against the 49ers on Sunday. The Creator looks down at their smiling faces. The Creator decided that not only will the 49ers end up winning the game but the NFL umpire Garth Defelice will throw a right hook into the face of Rams running back Kenneth Darby. Look at that picture. Defelice just fucking socks him in the face. That's a big fuck you to the Rams. This is really a lesson for all teams in any sport. If the Creator wants you to suffer then suffer you will.