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Stop Sucking RomoCock

posted Dec 8, 2008, 8:00 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 12:43 PM ]
Why does everyone suck RomoCock? I know he's a nice guy. He helps white trash Cowboys fans change flat tires on their white trash cars. He'll take a homeless guy to see High School Musical 3 and doesn't mind giving the filthy waif a jack handy while they're sitting next to each other. Writers and broadcasters love sucking his cock.  But the guy so obviously sucks when the Cowboys need him to step up. Let's see, he couldn't hold the ball for the kicker in the wild card playoff game against Seattle in 2006. That ended the game and the season for the Cowboys. He threw a game killing interception to the Giants' cornerback R.W. McQuarters in the 2007 division playoffs. That was a Favrian interception too, just terrible. If I was a Cowboys fan, I would have guzzled antifreeze after that game. Just yesterday, the Cowboys needed to sustain their drive in the waning seconds in hopes of scoring a big win over the Steelers. What does Romo do? He throws a fucking pick. He just tossed the ball right to Deshea Townshend who then ran it back for touchdown.
I'm not a Cowboys fan. In fact, I love that Romo turns into A-Rod under pressure. I just want everyone in the world to see that Tony Romo is a fucking klutz and the Cowboys will never be a serious contender with him at the wheel. Tony Romo can slip his little Cowboy cock in little miss Jessica Simpson all day long, but he'll never have the satisfaction of giving it to her after a big win during the season and certainly not in the playoffs. Romo sucks, Cowboys fans. So if you're a Dallas fan you need to realize this. And then you should go kill yourselves, you fucking pansy ass motherfuckers.