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Ramon Hernandez Put Down the Gun Papparazzi Exclusive: Tony Romo Shows Off New Windshield Sticker With Jessica Simpson

posted Jun 2, 2009, 9:02 AM by Steven Seagal

The above photo was taken just yesterday in the Dallas area by one of the many thousands of photographers employed by Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun. All throughout the day, Tony Romo and his transsexual partner Jessica Simpson were seen cruising the city of Dallas, occasionally stopping to smooch and stroke each others' johnsons.

According to a source close to the two lovebirds, Tony Romo was quoted as saying he was "super excited to show off his new windshield sticker with his best she-male pal". The Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun photographer captured both Romo and Jessica at one of their most intimate times as Tony reaches over to jerk off his companion, Jessica. Awwwwwww.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones not only condones Tony jerking off Jessica's dick but encourages it. Jones, an avid fan of jerking off transsexuals himself, sees Tony's exploitations as practice for the upcoming season's locker room circle jerks.