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Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun Overhears Conversation Between The Creator of the Universe and High School Girl

posted Jun 24, 2009, 7:35 AM by Steven Seagal
The following conversation was heard by a Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun reporter over the past weekend. The above photo was taken shortly before Brandon Jacobs, AKA the Creator of the Universe, began talking to the young girl to his right. Here is the transcript of that conversation:

Brandon Jacobs: Hey girl, how old are you?
High School Girl: 14 (High School Girl says between bouts of uncontrollable sobbing)
Brandon Jacobs: That's too bad (crushes an 747 with his ears)
High School Girl: Wh-why is that, Mr. Creator?
Brandon Jacobs: Because I'm hungry for a 14 year old girl, that's why.
High School Girl: Okay, your wish is my command, Creator of the Universe (Girl removes underwear)
Brandon Jacobs: Wrong kind of hungry, girl! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

After tearing the girls limbs off, and eating her piece by piece, Brandon Jacobs put the retarded kid (In the black jacket, seated behind him in the photo) out of his misery with a swift hay maker to the skull. The retarded kid's parents thanked the Creator effusively.

        Brandon Jacobs then befriended the Dolphin Community.