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Justin Tuck Destroys Dallas Cowboys' Inflatable Practice Bubble

posted May 3, 2009, 8:13 AM by Steven Seagal
12 Cowboys staffers suffered various injuries Saturday when Justin Tuck destroyed the Cowboys' practice bubble with 70 Cowboys players and staff inside.  Moments after the destruction, we received the following email from Justin Tuck:

Today I have issued a warning to the Dallas Cowboys organization.  September is fast approaching, and this should serve as a reminder to the world of the destruction I will visit upon the entire Cowboys organization throughout the NFL season.  Yes, throughout the season - my wrath and devastation will continue even in the 14 games we are not facing the Cowboys, and even on our bye week.  Tony Romo will continue to see my face every time he closes his eyes.  When he pulls his car out of his garage, I will be there waiting for him.  When he pulls his dick out of Jessica Simpson, I will be there waiting for him.  Tony, I will always be there.  Also, I just want to say this up front and for the record - I will be directly responsible for Jerry Jones' impending death.

He also included the following picture, with the caption "Preview of my wrath."