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Jon Gruden Doesn't Know How To Sum Up Adrian Peterson, But He's About To Try...

posted Aug 31, 2009, 5:09 PM by Steven Seagal
"You know, Adrian Peterson... I don't know how to sum this guy up, other than - He is a genetic freak.  You could light a match on his chest.  This guy is 220 pounds of chiseled strength.  And the thing that makes him rare, is he is a punishing beast between the tackles.  He can run you over and he has unbelievable elusiveness and great acceleration, Ron.  You just saw it right there."  - Jon Gruden, Monday 8/31

This photograph of the chiseled beast hangs over Gruden's bed.  I hope he saved some superlatives for, oh, I don't know... week 1.