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Jay Cutler Turned Down Three-player Trade Saying "I'm Not Gay, Bro"

posted Mar 27, 2009, 5:59 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Mar 27, 2009, 8:28 AM ]
It appears that the Broncos attempted a three-player trade that would send Jay Cutler to Kansas City and Patriots' QB Matt Cassell to Denver.  New England would receive both a first round pick and Tony Gonzalez from Kansas City. According to sources, Denver head coach Josh McDaniels had orchestrated the whole three player trade/draft pick trade with Kansas City and New England. Cutler, notified by his agent Bus Cook (Editors note: Yes, that's his real name) of the three-way trade, was at first overly excited, immediately high fiving his agent and reportedly saying "Awesome bro, I had a three-way at Vanderbilt once. It was the shit". An obviously confused Cook then delved deeper into the ramifications of the trade which led to Cutler uncomfortably saying "No way, man.  No way.  I'm not gay, bro". Broncos' coach McDaniels reportedly tried calling Cutler many times to clarify that it was just a trade - that Cutler, Tony Gonzalez and Cassell were just changing teams and it wasn't a sexual three way, but Cutler would have none of it. "I'm only having three ways with two girls", Cutler said, "I'm definitely leaving Denver now.  Nobody calls the Cut gay".
Cutler, above, also said "I'm not gay Josh.  You're the gay." before hanging up his phone and loudly proclaiming to a crowded room "the Cut digs chicks".