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I Don't Mean to Point Out The Obvious, but... Brett Favre Doesn't Deserve A Starting QB Job in the NFL

posted Jan 2, 2009, 10:06 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 12:18 PM ]
I rode in this morning listening to Chris Carlin and Kim Jones partially defend Brett Favre from the criticisms of the mainstream media, who now, along with several Jets players, appears to be piling on the Wrangler.  Look, I'm about as far removed from the main stream sports media as you can get, as I think they often get the story wrong, or just simply write pieces for the sake of making the deadline.  I mean, that Josh Hamilton story is a good example of how caught up these guys can get in their own efforts to pick something obscure and say it's the biggest thing since the Yanks acquired Ruth.  Let's be serious here, the HR derby should never enter into the top 10 greatest moments of any baseball season, regardless of how many HRs are hit, or how many crackheads hit them.  But the point is I'm not going to knock Carlin and Jones for attempting to debunk a mainstream media story, which often are just the result of the herd mentality.  The fact remains that if the media are piling on Favre, it's because he deserves it.
Looking from an outside perspective, I don't really have any dog in the fight, but I see Mangini and Favre both with blood on their hands.  And as for this season, I see one number that puts Favre on the hook more than Mangini - 22/22.  That number is Favre's TD/INT ratio.  The hidden story there is in the last 5 games, down the stretch of a playoff run, against the weaker portion of their schedule, the number is 2/9.  TWO TDs and NINE picks.  C'mon, how is this Mangini's fault?  Yes, maybe I pin the defensive shortcomings and a non-existent pass rush on Mangini.  But he's not out there throwing picks.  How is a guy expected to win when his QB doesn't know which team he's throwing to?  It's just absurd to pin the collapse from 8-3 to 9-7 on Mangini.  This is Favre's problem, on the field.  If you want to listen to the players talk about how he was distant and aloof in the locker room, that just exacerbates the problem - but it's not the core of the problem, which is - if you're going to throw 9 picks in 5 games, you're not going to win too many of those games, no matter what kind of defense you have.  Like I said before, I'm an outsider here and I haven't watched the Jets closely all season, so I may be letting Mangini off too easy - but the 2/9 number keeps coming back to me, and I think it tells enough of a story about Favre.

Back to Carlin and Jones - they agreed Favre deserved blame, but just not as much as he's getting.  Mangini deserves more, they said.  Well, even if you're right - Mangini is fired, so what are you debating?  You've taken the most serious action against him that you can - you've removed him from the team.  What about Favre?  If you want to say he deserves less blame, fine, maybe you can argue that - but he still deserves enough blame to lose his job and not be re-signed.  If the rumors that Cowher declined to discuss the head coaching position with the Jets because of Favre are true, then he deserves even more blame - now he's wrecking your future, too.  I have slim hopes that the retirement/unretirement process will be short circuited this year by no teams showing interest in Favre.  As Barry Bonds knows, you can't retire from unemployment.  I doubt this will happen, since someone will be stupid enough to re-sign him to another contract - probably Mike Tannebaum, but we can hope, can't we?  The bottom line is Jets fans should hate Brett Favre, and it's good to see the media finally coming around.  As my colleague said - where are the puff pieces now?