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Fuck Bloomberg? Very Much So.

posted Nov 30, 2008, 12:16 PM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 12:49 PM ]
In October of 2002, I had gone to see Cypress Hill in concert at Roseland. The opening act was exactly what you would expect at a Cypress Hill Concert. The band was called The Lordz of Brooklyn and they were most certainly an embarrassment to Brooklyn and to their families. Anyway, after a few songs, one of the members, or Lordz if you must, grabbed the microphone and screamed "Fuck Bloomberg". I thought this was interesting because Bloomberg was in office for short period of time. I assumed that this was the Lordz shtick. You know the deal, "We're blue collar musicians and we hate the establishment, fuck the man, and damn the torpedoes etc..". All of it, very, very stupid.
Now here we are on the verge of entering the year 2009. Bloomberg is still in office. He has banned smoking in bars. He has banned trans fats. He has swindled the city into extending term limits. There is also the rumor that he wants to close bars at 2 am. You can make me quit smoking, you can make me stop eating trans fats, Mr. Bloomberg, but you will NEVER make me stop drinking at 2 am.
Again, Bloomberg is flexing his muscle where it doesn't need to be flexed. We all know what happened to Smacksaho Burress. He shot himself in New York City nightclub. He turned himself into the authorities. No, that's not good enough for Bloomberg. He wants to throw the book at him. Sorry, let me clarify that statement. He wants to throw the book at him when he doesn't even know the whole story. Let the courts decide Burress' fate. That's what they're there for, Mikey.
This whole situation has led me to believe that you are a racist Jets fan, Mikey Bloomberg. I bet Brett Favre, A white New York Jet, could get away with shooting himself. The Ol' Gunslinger probably has a whole arsenal of weapons in the back of Ford F-150. His rider mower's glove box probably has a 9 mm. inside so he can shoot squirrels for dinner. I know the charge is for carrying a loaded weapon and not shooting himself but I have to look at this on a larger scale. We have just elected our first African American President but we can't let a black man carry a loaded weapon and shoot himself? The system is totally fucked if we are still keeping black men from doing whatever the fuck they want with a loaded firearm. If I had seen Smacksaho that night I would have implored him to shoot Brett Favre. And then Mike Bloomberg. And then that crazy homeless guy on 32nd street and 5th avenue. God, I hate that crazy son of a bitch. He's always yelling and shit.
Once again, Mike Bloomberg is overstepping his boundaries. You think being a billionaire would have been enough for the guy. No, he has to stroke his own ego and become a politician. Some people need to be shot. Some people need to shoot themselves. This is America, damnit. Maybe the Lordz of Brooklyn spoke prematurely but their foresight is validated. Fuck Bloomberg.