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Browns' WR Donte Stallworth Reflects on Fatal Auto Collision with Pedestrian Mario Reyes

posted Mar 19, 2009, 5:48 AM by Steven Seagal
The day started out as many a-days do. Donte Stallworth was driving his Bentley towards the beach on a busy highway linking Miami to Miami beach, probably on his way to sell drugs, buy drugs, shoot a strip club bouncer, or simply get a photo taken with a goat. On this fateful day, Stallworth's life would forever be linked to the death of a Hispanic gentleman named Mario Reyes as Stallworth's Bentley slammed into Reyes, thus ending his life. Stallworth, visibly distraught, sat down with this intrepid reporter recently, telling him "Man, it's just not fair, I just hope his family in Mexico or one of those countries with hot ass beaches and good sensimilia, is doing okay." It is still unclear whether Mario Reyes was crossing the street legally or whether Stallworth was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell when asked his opinion on whether Stallworth was under the influence of alcohol and/ or drugs stated with total certainty "Absolutely". What also can be said with total certainty is that Stallworth and the Reyes family have a lot of healing to do in these troubled times. Stallworth went on to say "I just hope Marvin or Mario or Jose, whatever his name be, is somewhere on a field in heaven picking fruit or maybe in god's kitchen, washing the dishes. Fuck man, that sounds pretty bad right?". This intrepid reporter will echo Roger Goodell's statement to that question Donte, and say "Absolutely".
Donte Stallworth, now in a more reflective state, showed us this painting he had made for the family of Mario Reyes. It's simply called "Mario Picking Fruit in Heaven".