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Antonio Pierce to Investigators: "Donovan McNabb Shot Plaxico Burress"

posted Dec 6, 2008, 9:50 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 12:45 PM ]
Antonio Pierce broke his week-long silence on the Plaxico Burress shooting incident today, claiming that press reports represented a gross distortion of the events as they actually took place.  The story has dominated headlines since the incident first broke on Saturday morning, with virtually all coverage implicating Burress himself in the shooting.  All previous reports were that Burress carried the gun into a Manhattan nightclub in his pants, and at some point during the night, he began to lose control of the weapon.  When he reached down to prevent the gun from slipping, it accidently fired a slug that struck Burress in the thigh.

Pierce's version of the events vary widely from this generally accepted story.  According to Pierce, he and Burress entered the night club on Friday night, unarmed, to unwind with a couple of club sodas after a long day of minestering to HIV infected orphans.  Shortly after their arrival, they spotted Brian Dawkins in the corner of the club, staring at them suspiciously.  Burress mentioned to Pierce that he thought he saw Dawkins back at the orphanage, and wondered aloud why he didn't come over and join them for a nice glass of cranberry juice.  They both noticed Dawkins leave the club abruptly.  Moments later, a visibly intoxicated and incoherently ranting Donovan McNabb burst through the door and began striding towards the two Giants players.  Burress stood up to give McNabb a hug and welcome him to their table, when, according to Pierce, McNabb pulled a gun and shot Burress directly in the leg.  McNabb then bent down to Burress, who had collapsed after suffering the gunshot wound, and stuffed something into his pocket.  Immediately thereafter, he fled the club.  Pierce then helped Burress to Pierce's car to drive him to the hospital.  When he turned the corner and his car became visible, Pierce told investigators that he saw McNabb throwing something into the back seat of his car.  In his concern for his friend's well-being, though, Pierce forgot completely about this detail until well after the event.  It is for this reason that Pierce was unaware that he was riding around with the gun in his car for most of Saturday before turning it over to investigators.

Investigators revealed that Pierce presented them with the object McNabb allegedly stuffed into Burress pants moments after the shooting, which officials believe to be some sort of calling card, seen below:

Pierce was reached for comment and asked whether there was an ulterior motive to his story, namely, preventing McNabb from playing in Sunday's game against the NY Giants.  Pierce responded simply: "No, man.  God, no.  Why would I want him out of the game?  As a matter of fact, the reason I kept quiet about it for so long is that I have the over on the locker room pool of 4 Eagles interceptions, and I was COUNTING on him playing."  He went on to add, "McNabb's a bitch."