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New Advertising Partnerships

posted Feb 17, 2009, 6:49 PM by Steven Seagal
We here at ramonhernandezputdownthegunbecausewepinchhitforourcatcherandwedon' are extremely pleased to announce our new advertising partnerships with various companies, organizations, or agencies.  Ads will be on their own separate sidebar, as they are not simply link type ads but are advertising partnerships for products or ideas that we support and therefore endorse.

Advertisers, if you're marketing something awesome and trying to reach the male age 18-35 and the crazy demographics, we seem to draw the majority of our readership from those groups  and we are a very attractive partner.


Check out our new advertising* sidebar!

* These ads are totally awesome and absolutely represent the views of ramonhernandezputdownthegunbecausewepinchhitforourcatcherandwedon'  They may, however, not actually represent the views of the products portrayed - though, clearly, they should.