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Texas Rangers Can't Take Pitches

posted May 17, 2009, 12:51 PM by Steven Seagal
In the 6th inning of a scoreless game Saturday, Jered Weaver of the Angels is working on a 1-hit shutout against the Rangers.  He has not allowed a baserunner since the first inning.  He starts off the 6th by losing a tough at bat with Saltalamacchia, walking him after running the count full.  He then walks the light hitting Omar Vizquel on 5 pitches.  Having worked walks out of the 8-9 hitters, The Rangers - and Seagal's fantasy team - are in good shape, you would think.  Kinsler is up with two men on and nobody out, and he is followed by Michael Young and Josh Hamilton.

Kinsler hits the first pitch - which appears to be a ball - into shallow right.  Young fairs slightly better, swinging and missing at one ball before flying out to left center on the 2nd ball.  Hamilton, for his part, wants nothing to do with a two pitch at bat.  He lunges at the first pitch, which looks to be outside, and pulls a weak grounder to first.  Easy out.

The Texas announcers take?  "Give some credit to Jered Weaver..."  Really?  For what?  Throwing nothing but balls and waiting for the Rangers hitters to bail him out?  Jesus fucking Christ...