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Still 'Roid Raging JC Romero: "Bernie Didn't Hit Any Woman - I Did."

posted Mar 14, 2009, 3:44 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Mar 14, 2009, 4:15 AM ]
    JC Romero, who made headlines in the fall for turning an otherwise peaceful Philadelphia Phillies World Series victory parade into a rioutous car flipping luggage inferno, has come to the defense of Puerto Rico World Baseball Classic teammate and former NY Yankee Bernie Williams. 
    Williams was accused of striking a woman in the early morning hours of Thursday at a San Juan nightclub after she tried to take his picture.  Bernie allegedly snatched the camera from her hands before striking her in the face.  He has denied any wrongdoing.
    Romero, between incoherent screaming fits of rage, tells a different story.  We will attempt to recount the events according to Romero - because much of what he told us is not only vile and unprintable, but also largely unintelligible and requires a great deal of translation:
 Bernie was calmly posing for the picture in the dark nightclub, when the camera's red-eye reducing feature flashed rapidly, distracting Romero from the 5 gallon gasoline can he was guzzling and causing him to fly into a rage.  Apparently (and not surprisingly), guzzling from a 5 gallon gascan takes incredible concentration.  Any distraction will likely cause the guzzler to spill gasoline on himself and others.  In any event, Romero was livid.  He sprinted towards the woman, knocking the camera out of her hand and attempting to gouge out her eyeballs in one gesture.  It all happened so fast, Romero explains (we think - there was a lot of yelling), that the woman didn't realize Romero was the responsible party, not Bernie.
    This website has been hard on Romero in the past, but we admit he deserves high praise for coming forward in defense of his teammate's name, and for hitting that woman in the face.

Romero, who wears his Phillies uniform at all times to protest his 50 game steroid suspension, ("If I was suspended, why would I be wearing this uniform?" he explains) demonstrates his San Juan Woman Punch to Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun reporters.