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Ram-Her Doesn't Get The Respect He Deserves

posted Mar 23, 2009, 6:46 PM by Steven Seagal
Ramon Hernandez (henceforth, Ram-Her) is not only the inspiration for this website, but also Steven Seagal's starting catcher in his fantasy baseball league.  We believe in him.  Our league is run through CBS sportsline, who has this to say about Ram-Her:

Hernandez hit .285 with seven home runs in the second half last year, rebounding from an injury-plagued season. Now in Cincinnati, he gets to play half his games in a homer-friendly ballpark, making him a candidate to approach 20 home runs again. Because of the improved depth at catcher, though, he is more of a No. 2 Fantasy option than a No. 1.

Improved depth at catcher?  C'mon, I don't care how many Martins, McCanns, and Sotos you throw in to go with the V-Marts and Mauers of the world, Ram-Her is a fucking stud.  Clearly.  That doesn't mean we don't want him to have to look over his shoulder at Wieters like he did in Baltimore (we picked him up, too), but Sportsline needs to learn to give him the respect he deserves.  He is a number one catcher, a number one hitter, and probably a number one draft pick overall.  Really.