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Pedro Martinez Hall Of Fame Candidacy

posted Apr 5, 2009, 7:14 PM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Apr 6, 2009, 3:58 AM ]
How come after someone retires sportswriters always start talking about their potential Hall of Fame bid?  Yeah, Pedro will probably sign somewhere when a team deals with an injured starter, but I'd be surprised if he sticks around for any length of time.  I've already heard people talk about Randy Johnson, and he continues to pitch.  Pedro's credentials:

  • 3 Cy Young Awards
  • Kept a lucky midget
  • 19-7, 1.90 ERA, 305 Ks, 12 CGs (1997 - 1st Cy Young)
  • "Wake up the damn Bambino and have me face him. Maybe I'll drill him in the ass, pardon me the word."
  • 23-4, 2.07 ERA, 313Ks   (1999 - 2nd Cy Young, robbed of AL MVP by George King and LaVelle Neal - look it up)
  • Threw Don Zimmer on the ground
  • 18-6, 1.70 ERA,  284Ks (128 Hits allowed!!) (2000 - 3rd Cy Young)
  • Consistently threw at people's faces
  • 20-4, 2.26 ERA,  239Ks (2002)
  • 5 ERA Titles
  • Unapologetically attended cockfights with Juan Marichal, claiming "cultural differences."
  • 5 WHIP Titles
  • Has a whole host of statistical category records.
  • "Dominated the steroid era."
I'm not even including a lot of really incredible years just because after looking at the gaudy numbers he put up in those I listed, they don't seem as impressive.  But looking at them from the outside, they're still great seasons.  Maybe it hasn't been discussed because it's such an obvious decision.  Unless George King and LaVelle Neal can rally some support to rob him again.  I don't think Zimmer gets a vote.