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Paul Byrd Disappointed in his Biological Brother Marlon Byrd

posted Jun 29, 2009, 7:54 AM by Steven Seagal
Although Marlon Byrd did not purchase any banned supplements, his choice of supplement provider is questionable. Marlon Byrd's decision to conduct business with a Victor Conte, one of the most damaging figure of the steroid era, is raising some eyebrows in the Major League Baseball community. And no one is more disappointed with Marlon Byrd than his biological brother Paul Byrd.
Disbelief turns to Disappointment
"I just don't get it. Mom and dad raised us to be good boys" said Paul Byrd to a Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun reporter. Paul Byrd was at first incredulous when he heard reports that his brother sought the services of Victor Conte, but soon became disappointed upon hearing that Marlon Byrd stood by his own decision to continue working with Conte's supplements.
When the Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun reporter asked if Marlon had made any questionable decisions in the past, Paul Byrd went on to say " No way. Like I said, we were raised in a good home with good family values. Even when dad was away on business, when we were kids, mom's friend Darryl, actually he mowed our lawn, would stay at our house and watch us. He even got to our house so early when dad was away that he made me and Marlon breakfast.
"Darryl liked Marlon a lot and he always watched out for him. He was always saying 'Marlon, you gotta be careful who you hang out with' or 'Son, you have to use your skills to the best of your ability. Don't make the mistakes I made'. Like I said Darryl liked Marlon a lot".
After this lengthy monologue Paul Byrd then showed the Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun reporter a picture of Marlon and his parents who instilled the values that Paul says have seem to gone amiss in Marlon. When asked if Darryl and their father ever met, Paul Byrd gave the Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun reporter a quizzical look and said "No, actually they never crossed paths. That's not weird or anything, right?"

Shown above are Marlon Byrd with his mother and alleged biological father