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Pakistan's Answer to A-Rod Ready to Take on the World in WBC

posted Mar 7, 2009, 8:30 AM by Steven Seagal
Pakistan's answer to A-rod, similarly dubbed A-Bahawalanzai-Mohamedzai, shown above practices for the WBC in front of half of his children. A-Bahawalanzai-Mohamedzai, 14,  got his start in the Unmarried Pregnant Women Stoning League at the ripe age of 5 but after 9 years in the league, 5 marriages, and 78 children later, he moved onto the sport of baseball when he learned that he could travel to America on a flying metal bird. A-Bahawalanzai-Mohamedzai is currently the only member of the Pakistani Baseball team but due to his ability at hitting tennis balls with rolled up newspapers, Pakistani officials quickly labeled him the greatest baseball player in the history of Pakistan. When asked about his hopes for the Pakistani team, A-Bahawalanzai-Mohamedzai stated that "Pakistan has a good chance at winning the contest. The challenge will be mighty. I look forward to facing A-Rod, George Clooney and renowned black faced rapist Kobe Bryant  in the ring."