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Omar Minaya Rubs Hands Maniacally, Laughs Menacingly, Mutters "Everything Going Exactly According to Plan"

posted Apr 6, 2009, 1:40 PM by Steven Seagal
Omar Minaya calmly observed the conclusion of Ramon Hernandez's 9th inning at bat against Francisco Rodriguez ,which ended when Hernandez struck out swinging against Minaya's newly acquired closer and sealed both the Mets and Johan's first wins of the season, as well as K-rod's first save in a NY Mets uniform.   Immediately after the at-bat, he began rubbing his hands maniacally and laughing in a fashion best described as, "Muahahaha."  Minaya was seen following the conclusion of the game seated in a large, high backed, supple leather swivel chair from his darkened, plushly carpeted, mahogony appointed office.  Throughout the final inning, he stroked a large, long haired cat who was seated on the arm of the chair.
Omar's secretary, reached for comment, was visibly shaken - claiming that Minaya was behaving like "some sort of criminal mastermind," and that he muttered, "Johan, Green, Putz, K-rod," over and over, punctuated only by what she described as "haunting laughter."  "I won't sleep tonight, I can tell you that," she confessed.