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NY Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Preview

posted May 1, 2009, 3:27 PM by Steven Seagal
I've been waiting 5 months to post this picture.  Go fuck yourself, J-Roll.  By the way, the only people on the planet who don't find "J-Roll" awkward to say are Phillies fans, because they already have the most retarded accent on the planet.  Go ahead, say "J-Roll" and see how white trash you feel.  Tastes like battery acid, doesn't it?  A proper nickname is "J-Ro."  It just feels much better to say, but a Philly fan would pronounce "J-Ro" as "J-Rawl" anyway.  Have you ever heard a white trash Philly fan say "saw?"  They find an "L" in there, somewhere, so it ends up "sawl."  Here's hoping Big Pelf lets one get away when J-Ro(ll) is at bat.  Fuck Philly.