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NY Daily News Reporters Are Quite A Sensitive Bunch

posted Apr 8, 2009, 8:54 AM by Steven Seagal
As everyone knows, Joba Chamberlain was pulled over for DUI in the offseason while in some foreign country called Nebraska or something, which is apparently where he and his sob story of a single polio father come from.  I think maybe it's in India or something - I heard Joba was part Indian.  Anyway, he rambled for awhile to a Nebraska police officer - who knew they had police in India? - talking all sorts of nonsense about how New Yorkers were rude, implying that Nebraskans open doors for people and have manners in general whereas New Yorkers do not.

NY Daily News Reporters call this "bashing New York."  Really?  This city full of people who walk by dying homeless people on the street without even looking down at them is sensitive about being described as "rude?"  Are you fucking kidding me?  Grow up, NY Daily News.  We are rude.  True, lots of New Yorkers hold doors for people - I do, and I know lots of people who do.  But as a whole, this city is raw.  It's not Nebraska.  The Daily News shouldn't make a big deal about someone saying so.
This seems to be part of a trend of people picking on Joba - I've noticed that he gets criticized for his emotional displays on the mound and whatnot.  He's definitely developing a bit of a target on his back - we will have to see how this plays out.  I just wanted to mention that I absolutely hate this attitude amongst the media and fans and whoever these days that baseball players are disrespectful of the game unless they are all Derek Jeter or David Wright.  Listen, some guys are quiet, keep their mouths shut, and never betray whether they are furious or ecstatic on the field.  Those guys are great, and every team needs some to keep things calm.  But not every baseball player is a fucking robot.  Some guys are hotheads.  Some guys are clowns.  Some guys are intense.  Does every baseball player have to check his personality at the door in order to be considered worthy of the game?  Fuck that.  If a guy is passionate on the mound, let him scream.  I don't consider this "taunting" the batter - unless he's yelling directly at the guy.  That's not kosher.  Neither is admiring a home run for a long time.  Showing someone else up is not what I'm talking about, but baseball doesn't need Bob Klapisch to police the game.  The game polices itself.  That guy gets knocked down next at bat - no big deal.  I'm talking about guys getting criticized for being passionate about the game, and it seems like that's where we're headed.  Either you're a robot and everyone sucks your dick because you're the 2nd coming of Joe DiMaggio, or you're emotional and you're no good for baseball.  Bullshit.