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NY Daily News Doesn't Pass Up Opportunity to Suck Jeter's Dick During Completely Unrelated Story

posted Apr 21, 2009, 6:25 PM by Steven Seagal
This is from the print edition of the NY Daily News from 4/20/09, the day after Posada hit his controversial home run.  Seems reasonable to compare two fan interference related home run calls, but I direct your attention to the  "Jeter's Role" comparison in the graphic.  "Was on deck??!!"  Who the fuck cares that Jeter was on deck?  Wouldn't the more appropriate comparison be "Hit by," showing that the Maier HR was hit by Jeter and the Doyle HR was hit by Posada?  As a matter of fact, it doesn't even mention that Posada hit it at all, but we sure as fuck know what Jeter was doing at the time.  I'm surprised it didn't say "Was on deck, flashing a winning smile and preparing to lead the Majestic Yankees to another 6 World Championship Titles in the next 3 years on absolutely clutch hitting, top notch intangibles, and jaw dropping boyish charm."  Jesus fucking Christ.  Also, I love that the result of Jeter's HR is 4 titles in 5 years.  The HR was the game tying home run of Game 1 of the 96 ALCS, a series which the Yanks went on to win 4-1.  I can't say the HR wasn't instrumental in the Yanks winning the series, because who knows what would've happened if they dropped Game 1.  But to say it directly led to 1 title is a stretch, since they had to win another series after that.  And to say it "[launched] a dynasty that wins 4 titles in 5 years" is just completely fucking ridiculous.
Finally, I'd like to point out what a douchebag this Doyle guy is.  You can't see it in the picture, but he's showing off the bruise where Posada's HR hit him.  For Christ's sake, catch the ball, you pussy.