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Mark Sanchez On Throwing Out Ceremonial First Pitch At Citi Field "I Think I Want To Play Professional Baseball Now"

posted Apr 28, 2009, 12:23 PM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Apr 28, 2009, 12:46 PM ]
The NY Jets selected USC QB Mark Sanchez with the No. 5 pick overall in the NFL Draft, but after Sanchez threw the ceremonial first pitch before last night's Mets-Marlins game at Citfield, The Jets are a bit concerned with his post game comments. Sanchez was seen talking with Mets third baseman David Wright after the first pitch and a source told Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun reporters that Wright sarcastically told Sanchez "You should ditch football and play for us".
After Wright's joke, Mark Sanchez was seen in the stands soaking in every nuance of the baseball game with intense focus, as if it were game tape. Sanchez's former coach Pete Carroll watched game tape of Sanchez watching the Mets game and said "I haven't seen Mark look that determined and focused since before the Rose Bowl.... Then he left me, all by my lonesome".
According to an anonymous source, Sanchez repeatedly told people around him "I could do that" after seeing such plays as Omir Santos hitting a grand slam and Anibal Sanchez striking out Carlos Beltran. Sanchez then arrogantly told those around him "I think I want to play professional baseball now".
After hearing of Sanchez's remarks, Mets GM Omar Minaya, following Joe Girardi's tactful maneuver with Chien-Ming Wang, skipped beleaguered lefty Oliver Perez's start in the rotation, and offered Mark Sanchez a 3 year $36M contract. "That figure felt right" Minaya said "It felt right in the head, Fuck it, why not?".

"Look at my form, dude" Sanchez told people "I can chuck the baseball pretty far". Mark Sanchez is still unaware that baseball requires more than throwing the ball very far.