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Manny Ramirez to Jonathan Papelbon: "You Must Have Me Confused With Jon Lester."

posted Mar 12, 2009, 2:01 PM by Steven Seagal
Jonathan Papelbon stirred the ever-present Manny Ramirez controversy with comments to Esquire magazine, which were posted on the magazine's website today, in which he said "That's what [Ramirez] was.  Cancer.  He had to go."  Papelbon's comments refer to Ramirez's well documented contentious relationship with Boston that led to his mid-season 2008 trade.  Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun reporters tracked down Manny in LA and received this response, "Paps must have me confused with Jon Lester.  He has the cancer."  When we explained to Manny that, although it was true that Lester did have cancer, the comments refered to Manny's detrimental attitude in the clubhouse that had a tendency to spread to other teammates.  Undeterred by our attempts at clarifcation, Ramirez adamently insisted, "No, you have the wrong guy.  Lester has cancer.  Paps is right, though.  I was always worried about catching it from [Lester].  The Red Sox really should have gotten rid of him.  With cancer, you have to cut it out before it spreads.  That's why I wanted to get out of there so badly.  Jon Lester is a cancer."
Lester blows what Manny describes as a "cancer bubble."