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Manny Ramirez Rejects Dodgers' Offer in Attempt To Leverage Dodgers' Interest To Obtain Better Offer From Dodgers

posted Feb 27, 2009, 4:31 AM by Steven Seagal
Ned Colletti went out on a limb to outbid himself and offer Manny a 2 year, $45M deal with conditions favorable to the goofy slugger that, combined with waning or non-existent interest from other teams, figured to be sure to close the deal.  The deal was essentially a $25M one year deal with a player option for a 2nd year at $20M, which basically means that if Manny is amazing, he can decline to pick up the offer and attempt to seek a new, more lucrative deal (at which time the Dodgers are sure to enter the bidding against themselves again, and probably guarantee him a similar contract) - but if he quits on his team, struggles, or gets injured in the first year, he can pick up the second year and be guaranteed $20M for essentially doing nothing.  I can't see the Dodgers offering a sweeter pot, considering that no other team has touched their other two offers of $25/one year and $45/2 years (with no player option), yet Manny seems confident he can swing another team into the bidding.  The Giants are obviously the darkhorse here, saying that they are monitoring the situation, but you'd have to assume that means they'd get involved if the Dodgers get fed up and walk away from the negotiations, at which time they think they can swoop in and get him for similar money.
It is also interesting to consider the fact that Boras didn't even submit the previous two offers to his client, dismisssing them outright.  Whether because he senses that time running out, interest is waning in the marketplace, or that he may be at or near the limit of number of times you can get a team to bid against itself, Boras is losing faith that he can pull a rabbit out of his hat - because he reversed course on this offer and submitted to Manny - who ultimately rejected it himself.  As good as Boras is, you have to admit he sometimes overplays his hand (see A-rod's opt out negotiations, in which the market he counted on never materialized outside of the Yanks) and it looks like he may be doing the same now.  Either way, I think everyone can agree that his ability to recover is unparalleled (see opt-out example mentioned above, resulting in a new record contract after some "unpleasantness") and you have to assume he'll figure a way to save face and get a ridiculous offer on the table - again - for Manny's services.  The only question is, will it be more ridiculous than the heavily player-favored deal Manny just rejected, or will it be the same offer?  And will Boras be able to get another team to make that offer, or will it remain a one-horse race?  Okay, that's two questions.  Fuck you.  The point is, I'm fascinated by this whole scenario and am anxious to see how it all plays out.  I wonder if I'm the only one, and everyone else is tired of it.  Comments?