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Jerry Manuel Hates Ryan Church

posted May 19, 2009, 12:18 PM by Steven Seagal   [ updated May 19, 2009, 1:46 PM ]
I know what you're thinking. Two Mets posts by the Yankees fan personality! Is the whole world taking crazy pills?!? Well, yeah, the whole world is taking crazy pills but let's not go overboard here. I'm just bored at home watching, not listening to, but honest to Jacobs, watching the Mike Francesa show on the YES network. Let's just say I sort of have some issues. I may be off the grid, but at least things aren't spiraling out of control. I wish I could say the same thing about the Mets. According to the sports pope, Mike Francesa, things aren't going well in Met land.
So last night the Mets had a chance to win the game but as Ryan Church was rounding third on his way home to score the go ahead run, he missed third base and was called out. The Mets lost the game. Okay so sure Church is a professional baseball player and to miss third base is indefensible but apparently this foible has opened up the floodgates of hatred brewing between Mets manager Jerry Manuel and Ryan Church. Mike Francesa's show started at 1 and for the past two and half hours, it's been non stop Mets talk. He's thrown in some tips for the Mets on who they can fill the hole at 1st base. It's Nick Johnson by the way. But the majority of the time has been spent talking about this Shakespearian blood feud between Ryan Church and Jerry Manuel.
Here is the evidence that all is not right in the Ryan Church and Jerry Manuel household, according to Mike Francesa
Exhibit A
After Ryan Church walked back into the dug out following being called out, Jerry Manuel didn't look at Ryan Church. Can you believe it? He didn't look at him. Francesa has showed the video of Jerry Manuel snubbing Ryan Church about 35 times already. He's dissected every nuance of the clip. He's even showed it in slow motion as if it were a play. I've seen it so many times I am at  the point where I will have nightmares about it. Someone should get Mike Francesa the Zapruder film to study. Give him an hour with that video and he'll know who shot JFK. You just have to pay him in Diet Pepsi and chicken parm heroes.  (editor's note: Obviously, Jerry doesn't like him - if he did, he would follow his traditional "player makes indefensible, game costing baserunning mistake" routine of greeting him at the top step with wide open arms and a puppy dog, sidelong "who cares?" look, saying "awwwwwwwwwww," and capping it off with a kiss on the forehead and a pat on the ass.)
Exhibit B
Jerry Manuel didn't go out to argue the call because he doesn't like Ryan Church. Now to be fair Mike Francesa only said this once but it hung out there like a racist joke. It was hard to ignore. I bet he regrets saying it but what's done is done, you know nothing twit. Regardless of the statements veracity, it's my favorite part of Francesa's coverage of this disaster. To think that Jerry Manuel wouldn't argue a call that would give the Mets a win because he doesn't like Ryan Church is just... ughh. Yeah, the whole world is taking crazy pills.
Exhibit C
Jerry Manuel didn't refer to Ryan Church by his name. He simply called Church "him", "he" and at one point (again, according to Francesa) "that guy". Now I didn't see Manuel call Church "that guy" but I wish I did. And I wish Jerry Manuel would do that for every player. Don't ask me why. I just think it would be funny. But getting back to the point, Jerry Manuel used a pronoun when referring to Ryan Church. Ouch. That must sting.
There you have it. Detective Francesa cracked the case. Jerry Manuel hates Ryan Church. He has video evidence, interview transcipts and a motive. I do understand that Jerry Manuel was furious with Ryan Church but Mike Francesa makes this seem like the tip of the iceberg. I'm not sure if it's all true. Hell, Jerry Manuel may really hate Ryan Church. I'm just glad I found out from the sports pope with so much evidence to back it up. From the sports pope's mouth to this site, you're going to get deep coverage of the ever expanding, deep seated (seeded?) (editor's note: seeded) seemingly one sided hate storm circling around Ryan Church and Jerry Manuel. Stay tuned, Motherfuckers.
(editor's note: This is the continuation of a long-running Francesa-fabricated fued between Ryan Church and New York, with Jerry just filling in to provide evidence to Francesa's fable about this rift.  It all started last year when he quoted an anonymous source with the Mets saying that Church wasn't happy in NY.  Church came out and called that patently false, and Francesa couldn't handle being told he was wrong about someone else's feelings, even if it was by that person, so he went on the air calling Church a liar.  Is Francesa married?  If he's telling Ryan Church how Ryan Church feels, I can't imagine what he does to his wife.)
(editor's note: My co-editor does a brilliant job with Mets stories, so I don't want to step on his toes, it's just that I can't help but commenting on them - especially when it's issues that get my Proud Mother Mets' Fan blood boiling, like that fat Yankee homer fuck with a microphone never ceases to do.  I mean Francesa, not my co-editor.)