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Jerry Hairston Jr. Distracted By Screaming Michael Kay

posted Aug 31, 2009, 5:59 PM by Steven Seagal
Andy Pettitte was perfect through 7 and 2/3 innings before an error by Yankees 3rd baseman Jerry Hairston Jr ended Pettitte's bid for history.  Nick Markakis followed Hairston's error with a single down the 3rd base line to take away the no hitter and put Pettitte, with a 2 run lead, 2 outs and two men on, squarely on "the precipice of distaster," according to an emotional Michael Kay.  Hairston explained in the post-game press conference that he was distracted by the incessent yelling of Michael Kay from the visiting announcer's box.  "He kept yelling "PERFECTION!" and screaming that Pettitte was the "Prince of Perfection" throughout the game.  It was very distracting."  Teammates comforted Hairston in the dugout following the inning, most of whom offering sympathetic condolensces to Hairston and conceding that they, too, were distracted.  "I heard Michael yell "FLAWLESS VICTORY!" after the 3rd inning," said Yankees 1st baseman Yankees Teixeira, "and from then on he just wouldn't really shut up.  Most of us don't believe in no-hitter superstitions, but we also don't believe in douchebags reminding us that a guy has gotten 9 outs without allowing a baserunner."  A-rod, on the bench for a scheduled day off, could also be seen talking to Hairston following the inning.  Asked what A-rod had said to him, Hairston replied that he wasn't comforting him at all, but rather was asking "What does "perfect game" mean?"  "I just told him not to worry about it," said Hairston. "He just shrugged and walked away whistling."