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J.C. Romero Choked a Guy and You Shouldn't be Surprised

posted Jun 28, 2009, 7:39 AM by Steven Seagal
Before you do anything today and everyday, and I mean ANYTHING, you need to first read this website. Don't bother feeding your stupid kids, taking your insulin, or cleaning up the blood. Just read this site. It'll help you in the long run. Let me explain.

We here at Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun are constantly breaking stories wide open with nary a need for gushing commentary from our explosively growing fan base. Today is one of those great days where avid readers can look at the news and say to themselves "Gosh, this doesn't surprise me the least bit".

It is being reported out of the St. Petersburg Times that J.C. Romero grabbed a man by the neck and threw him back. The fan, a 25 year father of two, asked for an autograph only to be hastily brushed off by Romero. We can only assume Romero was in a rush to use more steroids. The fan must have been thinking the same thing because after being refused an autograph, the fan said 'something to the effect of, "How about you get me some juice?" '. This infuriated an already roid raged Romero enough to assault the fan.

Now you should remember a few months back, Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun broke the story of a roid raging J.C. Romero wreaking havoc in Philadelphia in response to his steroid suspension. Then Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun released the story of J.C. Romero assaulting a woman in Puerto Rico. We knew about Romero's psychotic behavior months ago so this recent assault claim comes as no surprise. We're not the self aggrandizing types so we rarely ever say we told you so but now, yeah, we're going to say it. We told you so.