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I'm Not A Proud Mother Yankees Fan, I Swear.

posted Apr 7, 2009, 10:24 AM by Steven Seagal
Now I hate to be the proud mother fan who blindly defends his team regardless of how many assholes or talent-deprived players take the field.  Everyone knows at least one of these fans. He's the guy that gets a boner from calling out all minor and major inconsistencies in every other team except his own, but once you say something like "Hey, Hanley Ramirez is a stellar player, but he's not that good at fielding", said proud mother Marlins fan goes bat shit crazy and calls you an asshole.
I have no problem admitting that Jeter is not even a less than stellar shortstop, but a pretty abysmal shortstop. I know Johnny Damon cannot throw a ball from the outfield to save his life. I also know A-rod is one of the premier choke artists who bangs decrepit old hags and most importantly used steroids. It's all true and I admit it all with no problem. But when I saw this Orioles fan with this "Where is A-Roid?" sign, my first reaction was "Duh, he's screwing Madonna while doing Steroids", but my second reaction was "Wait, Orioles fan no. 1, didn't Brian Roberts use steroids too?". I did some extensive research (on wikipedia) and yes, Brian Roberts did in fact use steroids and like "A-Roid", Roberts admitted it. Where's the "Brian Roidberts for MVP" sign? Huh? This guy must have a terrible memory.
So yeah, this whole post made me sound like a proud mother Yankees fan for defending "A-Roid" but I'm really not. I'm just calling out the hypocrisies of the world. Sort of like Jesus but without all the man love and more dickjokes. In light of this, I'll close this post with a word of advice for you, super Orioles fan holding a "Where is A-Roid?" sign. Do not judge lest ye be judged, you faggot ass bitch. Jeter is the best shortstop EVER. Yankees are No. 1! Wahooooo!

Nice job making the "I" orange in "A-ROID". It really accentuates the fact that you are a dickhead.