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Cole Hamels and Wife to Add a New Member to the Family

posted Feb 19, 2009, 5:58 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 19, 2009, 5:56 AM ]
It took a few months but World Series MVP Cole Hamels and his sometimes unclothed Survivor star wife Heidi Strobel have finally decided on what type of pet they will add to their family. According to Hamels, they were dead set on getting a labrador but once Heidi looked at the pictures in a copy of a National Geographic at her gynecologist's office, she knew she had to get an African AIDS baby. On her decision Heidi said "I didn't read the article but the kids looked hungry and I like to cook food. They're also one of a kind. Who has an African AIDS baby these days?". According to Strobel, Cole Hamels was a bit reluctant to get an African AIDS baby because he thought AIDS was contagious. "He didn't want to get AIDS from his new pet and then give it to the guys in the clubhouse" said Strobel, "He obviously doesn't know how people get AIDS, but I told him 'Coley, you have to be African to get AIDS' ". After that the Hamels and Strobel began their search for the ideal African AIDS baby. Cole was insistent that the pet was a baby when they got it because he wanted it to last as long as a labrador or golden retriever. "I didn't want to have the African AIDS baby for only a few years, they only live what 14-15 years, plus it's tough to train them to play fetch when you get one that's already 5 or 6 years old". As for the name of their African AIDS baby, the happy couple couldn't be further apart. Cole Hamels, in a move Chipper Jones would approve of, wants to name the kid "PETCO Park" where he has a 1.13 ERA. Strobel , ironically, wants to name the terminally ill child "Survivor" after her stint on the wildy popular reality show.