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"Carlos Zambrano Never Did Anything With The Mets." - Michael Kay

posted Apr 13, 2009, 4:25 PM by Steven Seagal
Michael Kay is right, C-Zam didn't do a fucking thing with the Mets.  If you're a Mets fan, you may be guessing where this is going already.  Yes, Kay has Carlos Zambrano confused with Victor Zambrano - the discussion is the infamous Scott Kazmir trade.  Everyone in New York knows the details of that trade - except, apparently, for Michael Kay.  In fact, I just spent a good portion of Easter dinner listening to my uncle, who is a huge Yankee fan - but doesn't announce for them - ask me how that trade turned out.  Most baffling of all is that Kay must have a whole host of staffers and underlings who could whisper in his ear that "Hey, Michael, Carlos Zambrano never played for the Mets, maybe you should correct yourself," and yet no correction ever comes.  He has yet to mention that he meant Victor.  Well done, Michael Kay... well done.