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Brian McCann Arrives In Washington With Mohawk And Still-Bleeding Self Performed Ear Piercing

posted Apr 21, 2009, 10:30 AM by Steven Seagal
Brian McCann, slumping badly to start the season, was held out of his 2nd straight game due a blurred vision condition.  McCann was sent to an optometrist Tuesday morning and arrived in Washington in what manager Bobby Cox described as "a very agitated state."  "He was very upset that they told him he needed glasses," Cox explained.  A Washington clubhouse attendent relayed a more colorful account.  "He was flipping over tables and screaming, "Brian McNasty ain't no fuckin' nerd!  He don't wear no goddamn glasses!"  He noticed that I wear glasses, so he grabbed me and pulled me over to him in front some of his teammates and yelled "Do I look like this little fuckin' faggot right here?  No!"  I was terrified," the attendent admitted.
Bobby Cox calmed McCann down and brought him into his office.  When McCann emerged roughly 2 hours later, he had an intense look on his face, but seemed much less angry.  Cox was asked what he said to McCann, and he just held up a DVD of the 1989 baseball comedy Major League.
McCann was later found at his locker, wearing thick rimmed glasses , with a still bleeding ear from an obviously self-performed piercing, sporting a new mohawk, and listening to Wild Thing at the highest volume setting available on his iPod.  McCann, asked about how he felt for today's upcoming game, said "I feel great.  I hope I can get into this game tonight and get my first career save."