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Bob Klapisch Worries About Mets "Image." Seriously.

posted Dec 24, 2008, 4:30 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 1:05 PM ]
The pussification of baseball, particularly the Mets-Phillies rivalry (already lamented on this website, here) couldn't be accomplished without help from douchebag sports commentators.  After all, if nobody wrote articles about this supposed "feud," it wouldn't really exist - since nothing ever happens during the games.  The latest bunch of nonsense comes from Bob Klapisch, who wrote an article saying that people don't like K-rod.  Why?  He points.  (Since when did "pointing" become the cardinal sin of baseball?  I must've missed this.)  Basically, on a team with an image problem for excessive celebration, the addition of K-rod only figures to deepen the hatred.  My first reaction, obviously, is who cares?  But upon more reflection, I realize that his entire premise is absolutely retarded.  Take this quote:
"The Mets already have an image problem with the Phillies, and their new bullpen savior isn't likely to improve matters."
Really?  Their old "bullpen savior" was Billy Wagner.  As far as I remember, Billy Wagner was a loud mouthed motherfucker who especially liked to spout off in the media about his former teammates, the Phillies.  Perhaps even worse for his "image," he liked to spout off about his current Phillies teammates in 2005, essentially saying they had no heart and quit when they were behind back when he was Phillies closer in 2005.  Pat Burrell called him a "rat" in a team meeting following those comments.  Sounds like he had a terrific image.
Regardless, the deeper issue with the article is it's utter lack of purpose.  What is Klapisch's point?  Teams tend to dislike K-rod.  Okay, so, what, should the Mets not have acquired him based on that?  No, he doesn't seem to be saying that.  So what is he saying?  Teams tend to dislike K-rod.  I guess that's about as far as he goes.  Congratulations, you fucking moron.  You should win a pulitzer for useless journalism.  Who gives a flying fuck whether anybody likes him or not?  The Mets desperately needed bullpen help.  They went out and acquired what could potentially, and I say this with as much hope as expectation, turn out to be one of the best 8th and 9th inning combinations in recent memory.  That sounds like exactly what they need.  So we should take an acquisition that was the best available medicine for an ailing club, and write an article about the medicine's "image."  Wow.  Really, just wow.  I can't believe what passes for sports journalism these days.
Subdued, quiet, unassuming and uncontroversial - BIlly Wagner was the darling of the NL East.