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Alex Rodriguez Noticeably Quiet While Teammates Discuss What They Did on Father's Day

posted Jun 23, 2009, 9:05 AM by Steven Seagal
A Ramon Hernandez Put Down The Gun beat reporter noticed moments ago that while Yankees sat around the clubhouse at Turner Field before workouts, a conversation began about Father's day and their own fathers. Derek Jeter spoke about flying his dad down to Florida on Sunday so they could play a quick game of golf and catch a late dinner. Mariano Rivera spoke about talking to his father in Panama for over an hour about topics ranging from the current state of the Yankees to live chickens. Nick Swisher droned on and on, amidst the groans from joking teammates, about his dead grandfather but also mentioned how he bought his dad a new Cadillac this year. According to Swisher, his dad was "super psyched".

While each Yankee player laughed about their Father's day and their own fathers, Alex Rodriguez was noticeably quiet when the Father's Day conversation made the rounds to him. Alex simply told his teammates that he "didn't do much" and "pretty much sat around in his hotel watching TV". After a snickering Jeter told the group "Alex probably spent Father's day with Scott Boras counting money", Alex just blushed and looked away. After an awkward silence, A-Rod got up and left the clubhouse.

Alex Rodriguez was abandoned as a child by his father and according to Joe Torre and Tom Verducci's book "The Yankee Years", Rodriguez was in constant search for a father figure. Although it was a joke, Alex Rodriguez did spend Father's day with Scott Boras and they did in fact just sit around and count money.