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According to Mike Lupica, Jose Reyes is to Blame for All the Mets Woes

posted May 18, 2009, 1:35 PM by Steven Seagal
This is going to be short (editor's note: this story was origianlly written by my other personality.  My additions make it NOT short.  Fuck you.) but unfortunately not very sweet. In fact, whenever you see Mike Lupica's name on this site, it's sure to be a bitter rant about the old 4 eyed bastard. As you already know, I read Shooting From The Lip every Sunday in the Daily News. Not for fun, mind you, just to boost my ego. After I read his drivel, I feel a little better about myself. I can raise my head up high and thank Brandon Jacobs that life could always be worse. I could be Mike Lupica. I could be Mike Lupica's son. I could be Mike Lupica's friend. And because I am none of those people, I am grateful.
This past Sunday, Mike Lupica gave up one "insightful gem" about the Mets. Now Mets fans are a little harsh on their team, and as a follower of the other evil New York baseball team, I can sort of agree with some Met's fans frustration. When your heart gets broken, you lash out in anger. Mets fans don't need Mike Lupica to fuel their vitriol though but here's how he does it...
If the Mets don't make the playoffs this year, how can you tell them not to look at moving Jose Reyes?
I know how you can tell them not to look at moving Jose Reyes. EASILY. Jose Reyes is one of, if not the best shortstop in Major League Baseball. According to my other personality, Reyes does have some maturity issues but you think the Mets front office would trade the guy because of that, this early in his career? This isn't a Delmon Young/ Plaxico Burress/ Pacman Jones situation where legal issues stem from the lack of maturity.  He isn't killing bouncers or shooting himself or throwing bats at umpires. He isn't tearing apart the clubhouse either.  He's a just a bit immature. Reyes is 25 fucking years old. Of course the guy is going to have maturity issues. Every 25 year old male has maturity issues, unless of course the guy is a loser. If Reyes doesn't fix his attitude, maybe the Mets front office should change.
From what I have heard, Willie Randolph tried to manage the team with a lacksadaisical Joe Torre approach but the team needed someone to light a fire under their ass. Does Mike Lupica actually believe the Mets will be forced to trade Jose Reyes because a coach can't influence the kid to stop sulking after being caught running the basepaths? Does he actually believe it's solely Reyes' fault for not making the playofs?  Here's a great idea. Trade one of their best players because they can't make the playoffs. Maybe the Marlins should trade Hanley Ramirez. He's had his dust up with authorities over team rules. The Marlins didn't make the playoffs. Trade him, says Mike Lupica.  Don't try to make the team better. Just tear it apart. 
It may be easy to blame one player for the team's lack of success but it's a lazy solution. I'm glad Mike Lupica couldn't evaluate the situation a bit deeper, seeking a solution that doesn't involves a Mets/Reyes divorce. He just fuels the fire for Mets fans to boo the kid when he grounds out to first. He gives them an excuse to make signs saying "Trade Reyes!". If Mike Lupica says it, then it must justify tearing Reyes limb by limb.

(Editor's notes)

The above was written by my other personality, and he's mostly right.  The thing is, though, for some reason Mets fans never boo Reyes.  As a matter of fact, the other "untouchable" is Wright, and he does get boo'd.  Recently, in fact.   During this first month and a half of the season, Wright has had his struggles - especially with runners in scoring position, and with strikeouts.  He is striking out way too much.  And the fans have recently (well, until last week) started booing him.  This is obviously retarded, just as it was retarded to boo Johan on his first start at Shea (but Mets fans did), and the last week of Wright's absolute raping of every pitcher he has faced should prove it.  I'm not going to say I've never heard Mets fans boo Reyes, because I can't say with certainty that I haven't been drunk and forgotten it.  But I certainly can't remember it, and I can remember them booing Wright.

Most of the "Reyes is immature and he's a problem" insights seem to come from the media and from outside sources not related to the club.  Everybody actually involved in the game seems to understand that Reyes is 25 fucking years old, and sometimes he wants to stay in the game whether Jerry thinks he's injured or not.  I like this.  I think it makes him a gamer.  Do I want him to show up his manager?  Of course not, but I understand that he's passionate and wants to play.

So what does this have to do with Wright?  Well, why doesn't Lupica say that Wright should get moved if they don't make the playoffs.  Or Beltran, or Delgado for that matter.  Since when is the 25 year old "immature" guy supposed to be the responsible guy on your team?  The Leader?  Why shouldn't Beltran or Delgado or even Davey be held responsible for the lack of leadership?  They don't have the personality, we are told, in Beltran's and Delgado's cases.  And Wright just hasn't grown into his own yet.  Okay, assholes - let me tell you something - Reyes is both of those:  He doesn't have the personality to be the leader, and he hasn't grown into his own.  These guys get excuses for not leading the club into the promised land, but Reyes is crucified for being immature.  The fans lack of bloodlust for Reyes proves I'm not the only one who sees this - we understand.  When Reyes reaches the peak of his maturity, he will still be a joker, a dugout clown, the comic relief - and the offensive spark of the club.  That's what I want him to be.  I don't want him calling over his teammates and telling them they should be more alert on the basepaths - I want him saying "OOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and pretending to scold his teammate in the dugout after the guy gets lectured by Davey.

Fuck Mike Lupica.  And fuck everyone who can't understand that Jose Reyes is 25 fucking years old, and the best shortstop in the major leagues.  And fuck you for saying I'm biased, because Jimmy Rollins sucks a fat cock.  Hanley Ramirez is pretty good, too.  But not as good as my boy Jose.  It's not even close.